[briz:b:e:a:t:s] show details being uploaded slowly

thanks for dropping by the [briz:b:e:a:t:s] internet radio show page. here you will be able to read about guests / featured artists on the show. [briz:b:e:a:t:s] was on-air for over four years, from early 2000 – mid 2004. the aim of the show was to showcase some of Australia’s talented electronic music artists and DJs.

originally I broadcast the show from Brisbane, Australia but in mid-2001 I relocated to Sydney so the show then became Sydney based. whilst in Brisbane there were many live performances on the show and it was also broadcast from a few of the warehouse parties / club gigs.

some photos taken during the shows (slowly adding more) can be viewed at http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/brizbeats/

at one point, artists on the show were also getting gigs at the Sunday night live electronic music night I arranged called “sun@mantra” which was held at the since closed club, Mantra.

Mid 2004, I relocated to the UK so I ceased broadcasting briz:b:e:a:t:s as I travel often which makes finding a suitable timeslot tricky. Perhaps there will be a podcast show in the future if I can arrange an affordable APRA licence to podcast.

Thanks for all your support in the past!

firehorse did a feature on my show back in 2000 or so – pdf archive of the page here also

it is taking me a while to upload all the show notices & playlists from the past few years. some have been uploaded here and others can be found at the following sites:

::: PulseRadio.net : visit here for most recent show details and playlists (since pulse radio has been sold to new owners, previous shows content has been removed so you may not find any info about briz:b:e:a:t:s there any more 03/11/2006)

::: [briz:b:e:a:t:s] mail list : visit here to read through past show details or to sign up to the mail list to receive future notices.

::: the show listings have also been uploaded to [briz:b:e:a:t:s] internet radio section on aliak.com but I thought it was time to host them on their own site as a separate archive

if you would like any more information or would like to be featured on the show, please feel free to email me : AliaK77 at gmail dot com, or leave a comment here

Some shows can be listened to online where links are provided – note the recording quality is quite low, & sometimes the audio skips (my pc was not fast enough to broadcast and record at same time on occasion), so don’t expect great quality, but they should give you an idea of what the show was about. Remember each show features different styles of music. If you hear something you like, I’d encourage you to purchase the artists music/releases to help support their efforts.

thanks for your support over the past years, and I hope it continues into the future!


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Visit http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/brizbeats/messages for past show promos which may not have been uploaded here yet

an ark[hive] of briz:b:e:a:t:s internet radio show 2000-2004